129 definitions by Jesse

I was maxin when my hoe started bumpin
by Jesse August 14, 2003
just like a jerkass but more of a clod than a jerk
outta my way you clodass
by Jesse November 18, 2003
A form of art and expression. The world is each ones canvas.
by Jesse September 14, 2003
someone online that you lust after without needing to meet them, communicate with them, or having any sort of contact with them. is also similiar to TV/Movie boy/girlfriend.
I was searching through some pictures on mostbeautifulman.com and totally found my new internet boyfriend. he is a hottie for sure!
by Jesse January 7, 2004
when u think u have to fart but then u shit
On the first day of kindergarten Katie was soo nervous that she was on the her way to school and she thought she had to fart but she had an oopsie.
by Jesse March 31, 2004
like the word meh. Said by those who are lazy and don't have a real response.
Amy: are you going to the dance
Jeff: Nieh
by Jesse November 3, 2004
those people who talk funny in texas chainsaw massacre or someone who lives in a oldschool silver, shiny pill shaped trailer, talks funny, has a mullet, wears trucker hats, has ripped up jeans and a belt with a semi truck or a gun on their belt buckle
hey look its billy bob johnson what a fuckin hick lets go piss on his trailer and put sand in his dirtbike
by Jesse November 3, 2003