129 definitions by Jesse

Something that is lame, uncool, stupid, or otherwise unworthy of further consideration.
"Man, that is so Amish that Susie dumped Jane! I wanted to get together with both of them!"
by Jesse October 16, 2004
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A mysterious typo which has a hidden meaning. Not even it's owner can fully understand it.
by Jesse August 27, 2003
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I ride bmx. i love it more than my girlfriend.
by Jesse June 20, 2003
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the dirtiest word known to man; also see cunt, taint, or brown star
dude, i towtched her crone. also see towtch
by Jesse October 24, 2004
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I was maxin when my hoe started bumpin
by Jesse August 14, 2003
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let's play some twayns...and then shine some sack
by Jesse October 24, 2004
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