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to engage in a negative, manufactured complain-based campaign against an incumbent officeholder.
Look at that idiot Kerry -- he's just camplaining.
by Jesse December 14, 2003
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It means that you want to have sex with a certain person.
Hey baby can I get a piece of that fine ass!
by Jesse April 25, 2004
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after sex finding pubic hair stuck to the sides and base of your penis head that looks like the back of captain stubings head from the love boat
She had so much pubic hair when I pulled it out I thought I was staring at Captain Stubing on the bridge of the love boat
by Jesse February 13, 2005
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Something that is lame, uncool, stupid, or otherwise unworthy of further consideration.
"Man, that is so Amish that Susie dumped Jane! I wanted to get together with both of them!"
by Jesse October 15, 2004
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when you're burried in you're own crap!!!!!!!
in the book " zumbie bums from urennus:
by Jesse March 31, 2004
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