A proper fresh accent which is held by dis funky freshy gurl called op. Mainly da wurd idiot givs da TWANG!
sati - ''yo man i jus failed ma maths test''

op - '' u such an IDIOT''

sati - ''TWANG!''
by freshie killa April 13, 2007
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A person displaying characteristics of a homosexual person.
Man you're acting like a twang.
You twang!
by Andre McCullough January 26, 2007
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The art of flicking, pulling or creating strain on someone's body and releasing whilst it is strained. This creates the beautiful sensation of twanging
Eg. "I twanged someone's nipples."
by TheTwanger February 20, 2016
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Pulling hard and letting go of the back of someone's bra, causing pain in tight-bra wearers and confusion in loose-bra wearers. Variations are twimming costume (twanging a swimming costume), twickers (twanging knickers)and many more.

Hey, don't push in front of me or i'll twang you!
by Hxx June 01, 2007
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1. Refers to the male genitalia or penis. used by men to describe their own genitalia usually in reference to how big it is or how useful it is or just to sound manly!
2. Also used as a verb 'to twang' meaning to fuck someone or have sex with someone. Used only by men in the respect of them using thir twang.
'i stuck my twang in her'
'my twang is so big'
'careful of my twang!'
'i wanna twang her!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
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friend, buddy, home girl or home boy! this word is not mean! and shouldnt be.
"Hey twang! whats up?!" damn mi twang is looking finnne"
by person001haha August 17, 2009
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the thing down there that an 'it' has; a twat and wang mixed
dude, you're a twang; is that thing a boy or a girl cus it looks like it has a twang
by kdnse October 10, 2006
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