'twang, short for bull twang, another word for bullshit

Aussie slang at it's finest
Gazza: "I was hooking, on the piss, off my face and me Mrs didn't even notice."
Dave-o: "'TWANG!"
by merely-a-flesh-wound May 13, 2016
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very painful very very painful!!
You twanged me in the dick!?
by twang November 28, 2003
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Term for someone heterosexual who displays homosexual tendencies.
Dude you are such a twang!
You're acting like a twang.
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
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twang is when someone puts there 🍆 in someone's 👌
person 1 : hey

person 2: hey daddy twang me
by bob rooss June 17, 2018
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refers to the male genitalia or penis. used by men to describe their own genitalia usually in reference to how big it is or how useful it is or just to sound manly!
'i stuck my twang in her'
'my twang is so big'
'careful of my twang!'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
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