When a piece a shit comes very slightly out of your ass then goes back in, resembling a turtle poking its' head out of its' shell.
Bro! When that cop tased me I swear I got a little turtle head!
by currybomb July 28, 2010
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Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, aka "Turtle Head", poked out momentarily from intense deliberations with Senate Democrats, to announce that a budget deal had yet to be reached.
by Fishsticks Wilson January 22, 2013
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A bowel movement that must be dealt with immediately. Giving the feeling or sensation that the tip of the fecal matter is beginning to protrude from the anus - like a turtle extending its head out from its shell.
I can't wait any longer. I am getting a turtle head - I have to go now!
by forwordfor June 12, 2009
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a shit that knocks at your underpants.
i was pulled over for speeding and tried to explain that there was a turtle head bashing my underpants but the officer still booked me.
by that guy August 30, 2003
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1. The head of a turtle

2. The protruding end of a faeces out of somebody's anus prompting a rush to the toilet.
Jesus! I must go to the crapper. There's a turtlehead in me undercrakers!!
by BumCigar January 13, 2004
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when you hold in your poop but it comes out a tiny bit. your butt is like the shell of a turtle and the poop is the head
man, i have a turtle head but there aren't any bathrooms here
by turtledude September 20, 2013
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