Blast through, or intrude.
The police barged through the door and crumpled the fat guy into the police cruiser. It was a closed casket funeral
by SouperMole December 6, 2013
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(Verb) To purchase one or several non-essential items for oneself; usually referring to collectibles, toys, or other large scale “treat yo self” style purchases. More often than not, the purchase or purchases are looked at as selfish and irresponsible, normally coinciding with avoidance or non-payment of an important bill or obligation.

(Noun) The phsycial item(s) purchase within your Barge experience.

Established in 2018 by Yes Have Some Podcast.
I saw the new Ghostbusters figures at the comic shop and even though my rent is late and my water is more than likely being shut off tomorrow, I decided to Barge.
by YHSPodcast December 18, 2018
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Something that you do, that goes very wrong, unexpected, or just simply not as planned.
Woolski: Hey, i can fix that no problem!

5 minutes later

Woolski: BARG!
by Jet Pack Jake November 17, 2007
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1. To show up unexpectedly.

2. To go someplace with a group of people.
1. We straight barged his house.

2. We should barge that party.
by Matt GB January 19, 2004
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Barge-ing (verb - when used with object)
Barge (noun)
Barged (past tense)

1. To share an intimate moment with a significant other in an aggressive, ape-like manor while a crowd of bemused onlookers observe.

2. To act in a shameless ape-like manor.

3. To unleash an unprovoked fury on nearby vegetation.
Example: He's started bargeing with another chick out back, its hilarious!

Example: After that fifth drink, he started bargeing around the bar

Example: Man, the backyard is in absolute disarray after the bargeing it took last night
by MaxTheWolf July 27, 2011
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Urban London slang; short for "bargain".

Used in reference to any product or service which is reasonably priced - and therefore a bargain.
"Oh my days! That jacket is proper bargs bruvs!"

"Man's got some teefed playstation threes y'nah. I'll sell one to ya bargs blud!"

"Nah fuck Nando's min. I'm goin Sam's Chicken! Pure bargs tings ya get me!"

by Silky Johnson January 20, 2008
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a word that you say to disrupt the awful silence of class.
"Everything was so quiet, but then Richard screamed out 'BARG!'"
by Gavin Jackson April 22, 2003
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