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A synonym for idiot dumb stupid or brain dead morons usually think they are so smart but they are fucking stupid
Sean B Shut up asshole what the fuck is this shit you fucking idiot

Sean D Hey moron you fucking fell down faggot

Sean B Really faggot I'm a moron and I'm a faggot

Sean D Yes you fucking moron get your faggot ass up
by Boogereater69 December 8, 2020
The most retarded bullshit ever created it's supposed to correct mistakes but it fucking makes mistakes

Note On my definition of swear words you see the word white but it wasn't supposed to be the word white it was supposed to be the word whore but It got auto corrected
Auto correct is fucking bullshit
by Boogereater69 January 9, 2021
Kids who sit on their asses and play video games usually gamefreaks are teenagers 13-19 they tell swear words and slurs they also fucking act like idiots usually gamefreaks are named Sean
Sean 1 Fuck you asshole

Sean 2 Get rekt

Sean 1 What you fucking faggot

Sean 2 Bitch eat shit

Sean 1 and Sean 2 together Get rekt you stupid faggots

John You gamefreaks what the hell is wrong with you
by Boogereater69 December 7, 2020
In america a misspelling of the word faggot

In england the way they spell the word faggot because in england a faggot is a meat dish but you will once in a while if you're lucky hear english people use that word as an insult because they spell the insult with an et
American You're a faggot

English person You're a fagget
by Boogereater69 March 21, 2021