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When you try to hide something the stupid thing is when you censor swear words I'll give you some examples
F**k you b***h you're a f*****g f****t suck a d**k you c**t

F**k censorship

Censorship is for f****ts
by Boogereater69 January 24, 2021
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Short for faggot it's a derogatory term for gays but also means an idiot
David You're such a fag

Mike Well fuck you too dick
by Boogereater69 January 08, 2021
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A way retards spell the word faggot usually by people who don't know the word or the person is a retard and is retarded
Dave Hey faget

John No you dumbass it's faggot
by Boogereater69 February 23, 2021
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In america a misspelling of the word faggot

In england the way they spell the word faggot because in england a faggot is a meat dish but you will once in a while if you're lucky hear english people use that word as an insult because they spell the insult with an et
American You're a faggot

English person You're a fagget
by Boogereater69 March 21, 2021
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