An automated stationary weapon that shoots everything that moves into its field of view. Also known as a sentry gun. Common enemy in FPSs (first person shooters).
by Arskangel December 29, 2005
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An insult word created by a girl named Danielle one day in 8th grade while learning about the real word turret in school (which is a cylinder shaped window which usually protrudes from the side of houses built from the Victorian Era)and she just thought it would sound good as an insult so she told all her friends and changed the definition. It has no particular meaning, just to call people when thay act idiotic or retarded.
"Kelly, YOU TURRET!! Why are you plucking your eyebrows with the back of a CD?!?"
by Dan da WOman August 22, 2003
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-The common mispelling of 'tourettes'

-a small tower, usually that conjoining another, larger building
man, that guy joe has a massive case of turrets!

don't you mean...tourettes?
by Turretguy December 27, 2010
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exclamation typically shouted immediately after killing an opponent from a gun turret on Halo 2
maple syrup: TuRReTs!!
daftkill: aw fuuuuuck!
maple syrup: TuRReTs!!
TTOMO: aw sheeeyit!
maple syrup: TuRReTs!!
luckyelbow: damn you mrs. butterworth!
maple syrup: TuRReTs!!
by TuRReTs! July 13, 2005
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turrets are the thing that males have. sometimes males say females have turrets, meaning their titties, but the actual meaning of it is balls.
Alexandra: "Wow he looks like he would have nice turrets!"

Rob: "I know you do, babe."

Alexandra: "OMG Rob your not using the correct form of turrets that I was using, you tool!"
by TURRET LUVA January 23, 2009
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A person with a small penis who likes to masturbate in front of children on skype.
James is such a turret he's gonna get arrested someday.
by jackshiman January 21, 2018
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A mental disorder that causes the patient to suffer from extreme turrets related to strictly Lil Uzi Vert song lyrics. Those affected are typically short, angry, gay for uzi, and named Luke Laite.
This dude won't stop singing Money Longer; he needs to shut the fuck up before I curb stomp him. He can't control it. Its like he got Uzi Turrets or something.
by theurbanpoet69 April 26, 2020
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