Corporate code word for "you've been terminated".
Production Manager: What do you think we should do with Bob and his team? They've been lagging way behind production quotas lately.

Engineer: We just got some new equipment today, the whole process can be automated!
by gearhead78 April 27, 2017
The most weirdest girl that's a totally white girl that drinks Tullys instead of Starbucks, The radiant beautiful you will ever meet, She will make you die inside.
Woman: What would you like today ?

Man: A tall cup of Autom
by Spooky_KittyKat March 17, 2016
The primary alias of a defiant being who excels at computing. He is in charge of the devious online gaming and hacking community known as di. He is known for his sparse ammount of communication and massive ammount of ownage. A good portion of the time he can be seen sticking out in a group of white-named newbs trying to boost his self-esteem.
el33seven: what does DI stand for
-=di=-Automator: k

by lol im automator June 25, 2006
The term used to describe the economy after all manual jobs and work are automated by robots, allowing time to be allocated to the arts and entertainment from daily labour.
Scientists predict that after advanced in robotics we will achieve Automated Communism and not have to work.
by mememaker333 April 25, 2017
(a)disembodied female voice that answers consumer service questions providing no answers and plenty of frustration.

(b)an uptight woman,usually a salesperson or customer representative, who won't cut you any slack and only gives you static about everything.
Even though I told her I would send the money today,that automated bitch turned off my phone off anyway.
by innerrashida June 29, 2006
The act of creating the illusion that something is automated, only to cover the fact that there are actually real people behind the scenes making it work.
Have you seen that cool ecommerce shopping cart it has some awesome logic behind it.

Nah, probably just Romanian Automation.
by TheDrunktopus December 6, 2010