To place someone's mouth on a cement curb, and then stomp on their head from behind to break out their teeth.
"Dude, what happened to your mouth?"
"Ah goh pur pomp!"
by dirtbag April 16, 2004
An act of brutality and suffering widely used by the Nazi forces of Germany. Commonly used in persecuting Jewish prisoners, the Nazis would lay a Jew or another prisoner of war down infront of a curb, usually infront of a crowd (who were withholding information) and instruct them to bite down on the curb at gunpoint. The Gestapo was known to instruct infantry to then do the 'stomping' as Gestapo soliders had light boots, and the infantry had the heavier boots.
See in Schindler's List, directed by Steven Spielberg, (1993).
by DesperadoXD May 4, 2005
to put anothers upper jaw on a curb and proceed to stomp the shit out of their head.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
aka:Russian Mouthwash; the act of stomping on ones head that is postioned with a curb or other concrete object between the uper and lower jaws. Usualy results in the teeth of the victim going directly into the brain and killing them.
Alex Bate takes advantage of his girlfriends by curbstomping them and then having sex with there dead carcasses.

by max & fish December 19, 2004
When a guy makes you so mad, you force his mouth up to the corner of the curb, so that he has the corner inside his mouth, then you stomp on the back of his head, splitting it in half.
1) "That guy's stealing my car!" BAM BAM, "I shot you!" Dragging body... "Put your mouth on the curb! NO? K, I'll force you"... STOMP!
by numAt May 7, 2003
the act of stomping on some ones head while positioned near the curb or on top of it. this act is almost exclusivly done with timberland boots.
dat nigga be frontin so i gots a mad curb stomp up on his head
by puppetpallmich April 30, 2005
very painful form of kicking some ones ass belive me
i crossed this nigger and now i have 5 pins in my jaw and a set of fake teeth
by mr beef September 7, 2004