A true goat that barely releases music. He is 5'4 but when he stands on his money he is 6'6. And when he hits her once shes dismissed. He can't fuck her sister so he made her lick dick. He is the greatest rapper of all time. All of his friends are dead so push him to the edge. He runs away on nardwuar interviews.
Omg is that Lil uzi vert, that guy is the greatest rapper I know. I heard he is 5'4, but when he stands on his money he is 6'6.
by Whaturnamemeans May 27, 2019
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A savage ass up-and-coming rapper from Philadelphia who's hair is just like most black male GTA Online characters'. This nigga reads Scott Pilgrim, listens to Metallica, Marilyn Manson, and Korn. In his music video "Money Longer", he dresses like that boul from Yo Gabba Gabba and saves some jawn that's suppose to be a black version of Ramona Flowers from some kidnappers. This nigga out there but his songs can get you some mad pussy. For real fuck Netflix. If you play his song "Right Now" while you're chillin w/ a bad jawn, she'll immediately bounce on your cock like a fuckin trampoline my nigga. For real this mofuckas responsible for virginities getting lost out here my nigga. There's something about his music that makes bitches thirsty for some dick. Check his shit out.
I played some Lil Uzi Vert the other day when I was wit my side jawn and her pussy juice flooded the whole crib.
by Dr.P.Nis August 11, 2016
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NOT a mumble rapper- in fact, a really good rapper!!

In a sentence it would be: Lil Uzi Vert IS NOT A MUMBLE RAPPER.
by AyyLmaoImSoBad May 12, 2019
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Man: “I love Lil Uzi Vert so much”
Man 2: “He’s the best artist of our generation
by Lil6Uzi6Vert6 October 1, 2018
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A very popular rapper whose music fits any situation. He himself is the reason besides his good music why he gets all the hype.
"Hey girl, have you heard Lil Uzi Vert's new song Sasuke?"
"Yeah, it was fire!! Uzi knows how to get us vibin!"
by skyrocketstar100 May 17, 2020
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A rapper that put a 24 million dollar diamond in his forehead.
Person 1: Do you know Lil Uzi Vert?

Person 2: The dude that put a 24 million dollar Diamond in his forehead
by kingknb March 2, 2021
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Best rapper alive that’s no cap has best looking cars and fits and music call him trash and whole gang and college kids gonna beat ur ass even preschoolers
Some fag named Gavyn called lil uzi vert trash when it popped up on a speakers playlist, later played Barbie music nigga was like “dam this shit fire”
by FuckedYoBitchJuan22 September 19, 2020
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