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Slang term for the underground practice of inhaling vapor from human feces, primarily for the narcotic effect of its methanethiol gas combined with the effect of hyperventilation. The term itself comes from "turd" and "huffing" due to the rapid inhalation and exhalation from paper or plastic bags containing the fecal matter. As with glue sniffing or hallucinogenic mushroom consumption,very unpleasant symptoms are experienced prior to the high, slowing the spread of the behavior. While its high is considered uniquely euphoric, tuffing is relatively brief and those who indulge in the practice risk severe infection, irritation of eyes and mucous membranes, convulsions or in extreme cases, coma or death.
Happy as they were, Shana and John annoyed all their friends after they'd been tuffing--they smelled like Mardi-Gras bathroom.
by JustMC August 23, 2016
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