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Any over zealous person who started watching Mixed Martial arts after the reality show "The Ultimate fighter" started airing. A TUF noob can be identified by his TapouT shirt. No real MMA fan wears the obnoxious and overpriced brand unless they are sponsored by them. They also refer to MMA as "Ultimate fighting." They also like to lie to people saying they "train UFC." That's like a football player who says he "trains NFL." A TUF noob has no formal training and while watching an event likes to scream what to do at trained MMA athletes who put a lot of hard work to get where they are. TUF noobs usually walk around like they have phone books under their armpits even if they don't have any muscle definition. Most TUF noobs cannot appreciate the aspect of ground fighting and thinks transitioning from positions and chaining submission attempts requires no skill. They just want to see hands being thrown but do not change the channel to watch boxing. TUF noobs like to start shit in bars, and usually gets in fights with other TUF noobs. Sometimes they pick on the wrong person who is minding their own business but actually trains and is knocked out or choked unconscious until they piss their pants.
TUF noob: I train UFC, don't mess with me or I'll knock you out!
by concept1 February 12, 2009
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