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Technically an acronym for "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show that propelled MMA (mixed martial arts) and the UFC into the spotlight for the casual fan.

It's now being used as a slang term to define anyone that started liking MMA because of this tv show and that tv show alone.

Often times used in popular mma forums such as Sherdog, FightHQ, Ninjashoes, Bloodyknux, etc.

Although it was first used in the OT section of FightHQ by UTT during a flamewar with Schellhardt.

Your knowledge of MMA proves that you are obviously TUF.
by Rupes April 05, 2008
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Able to endure hardship or pain,

A shortened version of tough
Guy: Playing mobas are a struggle; my team just wasted all their ults.
Teammate: Hmm... that’s tough buddy. Tuf.
by Kegelking June 11, 2018
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A group of men who are capable fighters and prone to violence. Typically a group of friends.
"Those Russians are always standing at that street corner starting trouble with people. Picking fights, staring people down."

"They're just a couple tufs. Ignore them."
by CaliBadBoy2000 July 16, 2009
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