Unnatural Torso Twist: A pose popular in comic books whereby a superheroine may display tits and ass in the same shot.
Wooo check out the UTT on Power Girl she is one slammin lady
by audd April 8, 2010
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An acronym for 'under the thumb'.

Can be translated as 'oppressed by one's partner', usually a female oppressor and male oppressed.
Dude, you're UTT!

Shit man, John is UTT...

Hey Dan... Dad is seriously UTT!
by The Professor of lovers July 28, 2010
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those young ass thots who dress like prostitutes, every time you ask for nudes you think back and say
"the fuck am I doing..." (Underage Instagram Thot)
Example: Hey, ya' girl Shalisa over there is such a UTT fam, red hair, red flag.
by HueHefner tha goat November 28, 2017
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Under the table: Meaning when you get paid for a job in cash - so as the employer and employee don't have to pay taxes and there is no lengthy process to issue a check or complete a direct deposit to the bank.
I worked for this guy doing construction and I'm getting paid utt.
by D Spurgeon November 28, 2005
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Refers to both your "gut" and your "butt", especially when you think both are in less than desirable shape than you prefer.
That deep fried twinkie with the triple scoop of ice cream went straight to my utts!
by Chelsea Santa Clara March 29, 2009
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To hit or strike a person. Term used in sports.
That dude got uttsed
by Sikhota November 3, 2004
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