eg. Mary: I just got robbed !
John: tsi!
by FellaWithTheBadHair February 15, 2020
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TSi, which stands for Turbo Sport intercooled is an acronym found on the Chrysler Conquest TSi, Eagle Talon TSi and the Eagle Vision TSi.

Used to indicate the presence of trim level equipped with an intercooled turbocharged engine. (Except Vision)

Verb: A fast action or movement, derived from TSi enthusiasts.

"Look at that sick ass electric blue TSi!"

"I got into the Conquest and Tsi'ed right the fuck out of the Chili's parking lot. I hate that job!"
by James Balboa April 10, 2006
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A series designation used on Chrysler vehicles to denote a special sporting nature. The acronym, according to sources within Chrysler Corp itself, stands for Touring Sport injection. Vehicles with this factory designation were considered to be Chrysler company's most sporting of any particular model. TSi models released in America included the Chrysler Conquest, Eagle Talon, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Eagle Vision, and most recently the Chrysler Sebring TSi.

Some claim that the "T" character in the acronym stands for "Turbo" or "Turbocharged". While Chrysler does not deny or confirm this, it should be noted that out of all the TSi models released, only two were actually fitted with factory turbochargers, those being the Conquest and the Talon. While the character "i" in this series does stand for "injection", it should be noted that all these vehicles were fuel injected, and the "i" character indicates an increased performance value through some form of additional engine tuning, be it electronic, forced induction, or larger displacement.
The Eagle Talon TSi was offered in both front and all wheel drive.
by BoostCreep May 29, 2009
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any type of DSM vehicle made by eagle or plymouth or mitsubishi which contains a turbocharger or all wheel drive combination... can be a turbo front wheel drive or turbo all wheel drive set up, this is seen on the EAGLE TALON TSI (210 bhp), PLYMOUTH LASER TSI (190 bhp), MITSUBISH ECLIPSE GSX, GS-T, (240 bhp, made from 1989-1999
damn that EAGLE TSI did a sick all wheel burnout, and did you hear that turbo!!!
by Matt meatballs April 14, 2006
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TSI, which stands for Traumatic Sleep Injury, is an ancronym describing waking up with an unknown injury that occured while one sleeps or is passed out.
Zeke: "Hey Kelly why are you limping?"

Kelly: "I don't know, I woke up with a sore knee."

Zeke: "Classic TSI, you need one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer."
by Zulu Bravo December 13, 2013
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A cheaply made unreliable car made by Chrysler from Mitsubishi parts. Good bang for the buck.
"where were you last night?"
"my talon blew up after racing that 240"
by kainam August 3, 2004
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Wow, a Talon TSI is faster than a 93 crx, a year that the crx wasn't even made.
How dare you call a Talon TSI driver a ricer when you drive a honda
by Importdayz December 29, 2002
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