value for what one pays (from an allusion to the national defense budget and the destructive power it produces)
You get more bang for the buck with this doohickey.
by Light Joker December 3, 2005
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something that is worth the money spent. Often used by white people.
that was a bang for your buck! good purchase dude
by warmchai November 13, 2017
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Refers to either:
(1) The choicest doe in the herd for the antlered stud to have a good ol' bouncy-bouncy session with, or
(2) The ratio of cost vs. overall sexual pleasure/enjoyment offered by each of the "available" or "willing" ladies in a dude's general locale, i.e., which gal offers the greatest overall "satisfaction package" (beauty, brains, boobs, etc.) for the least amount of monetary investment.
Generally speaking, the more gorgeous or "hot" a lady is, the more expensive she will be to date intimately. However, if you don't mind a gal with relatively minor aesthetic/personality drawbacks such as lots of freckles, some extra padding, slight overbite, or loud/airheaded/childish behavior, or if you're tolerant of mild-to-moderate physical/mental/emotional issues like thick glasses, a cane, an awkward stride, confusion/distress over simple matters, oddball interests, irrational phobias, etc., there may likely be one or more quite-attractive gals in your area who are currently "unattached" because most guys tend to pass them over for someone more outwardly desirable, but who would actually provide the best bang for the buck because they are both delightful to be around and don't expect to be financially pampered all that much.
by QuacksO February 21, 2018
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describes something better for the same price
if you get a ... you'll get more bang for your bucks
by jaffaw July 16, 2009
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A action sports apparel brand. Created by two dudes from West Texas that are totaly out of their minds, or maybe it's just a Texas thing who knows. Kind of like RVCA no one really knows the meaning behind it but they are dope af.
Larry- Bro what is that dope shit you're wearing?

Jimbo- It's my All Bang No Buck gear bro, if I full send it they're going to sponsor me one day bro!
by patronvaquero2 October 3, 2019
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