To rhythmically drum on the buttocks of a lover or sexual partner.
"Dude man, last night I trundled this chica with a huge behind!"
by TheMarkSanford June 26, 2009
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A blowjob given while shitting. In other words, getting head while you're dropping a duece.
Scott Steigerwald tried to get that psycho bitch away from him, but she trapped him in his weakest position and initiated the trundle.
by thomas January 24, 2004
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Oh man. My trundle be itchin' real bad.

Oh yeah. She was all up on my trundle.

Your trundle smells.
by Skeb June 2, 2007
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"We're going to be late, trundle!"
by g November 13, 2004
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The act of scissoring, but instead of performed vagina-to-vagina, it is performed taint-to-grundle (hence, trundle). The term gaint may also be applied.
"Oh yeeeeeah, trundle my grundle baby, trundle my grundle!"
by JayMan25 July 11, 2008
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The act of sticking ones finger or other object up another's anus in an attempt to cause discomfort.
Wow Josh was trundling someone so hard that they sharted and pooped a little.
by Bow N Arrow July 27, 2011
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To plod along. to trod to trudgeDrag your feet
As Joe walked, Trevor trundled along behind him.
by MariaLyn June 12, 2007
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