1 - I was trying to rob the lawnmower out of this bloke's shed when the bastard clocked me and rang the plod.

2 - I got chased right down Bewley Drive by this one plod.
by Charlie O'Kane November 18, 2003
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a type of breakbeat in which the kick drum is played on beats 1 and 3 of a measure, emulating a walking or "plodding" sound
"Vandal-Captain Magic" is a plod breakbeat tune
by t.swift April 24, 2009
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"those hersheys chocolate bars are a load of plod"
by itchyscrot April 3, 2003
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A derogatory name for a dull-witted policeman which has it's roots in the character Mr. Plod (sometimes called PC Plod), the Toyland policeman, who was introduced in the first of Enid Blyton's Noddy books, NODDY GOES TO TOYLAND (1949).
‘A bunch of plods arrived, offering me a lift to the cop shop
by cathaven February 13, 2018
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A derogative term for people who are patronising, undermine inclusion but make money with disabled people. They often present themselves as "do-gooders" when in fact they block equality and inclusion by their actions and behaviour. PLOD stands for "(Non-disabled) People Living Off Disabled people".
The social worker didn't support that we live independently and not in a care home. He is a PLOD.
by ZeldaL May 31, 2021
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Stranger 1: I demand that you immediately rescind your insult of calling me a twatty Southerner.

Stranger 2: Plod on you fucking moron.
by TheNortherner September 2, 2013
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A person who seems to potter around from one thing to another, especially when in a hurry. Very slow and without conviction.
Oscar: "Gemma! We have to go or we'll be late!

Gemma: "Derp!"

Oscar: "Are you plodding around again?!"
by OllieMoe April 15, 2011
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