A woman who's hormal imbalance, troublesome upbringing, or current brain chemistry renders her irrational, angry, and prone to acts of violence, like throwing my $3,400 wide-screen HDTV through the window!
What the... That psycho bitch just threw my $3,400 wide-screen TV through the window!
by Gene' Bujold June 26, 2004
1. A raging female who manipulates the justice system by claiming she was a victim in every case. Such as her boss on countless occasions sexually harassed her, and in every a count the case was turned down because there was no evidence. Or the time she said her husband victimized her and called the cops, even though she came at him with a hammer and beat down a door just to get her cat who was terrified and hiding under the bed.

2. Falls in love with human resource mangers and psychologists because they are the only people who get paid to listen to her.

3. Can not work a job for more than 6 months before her bosses try to fire her because they can't stand working with her. After 4 jobs in 6 years, she has made such as bad reputation for herself, she can no longer work in her field. Now she must work selling appliances to help feed her 8 cats.

4. Bitches for no apparent reason.

5. Goes crazy with out any reason and throws the tv to the ground and since she was unemployed at the time, has no money to buy another one.

6. Sits, mopes, and bitches.

7. Incapable of cleaning up after herself or doing basic chores, such as letting the cats piss all over.

8. Totals vehicles in single car accidents for no apparent reason. (Be careful she drives an SUV and has bad car insurance.)

9. Thinks she can hold a two way conversation with Jesus and God. (Did not realize this was possible??)

10. Someone who needs to be put in a mental institution for life.
Beware of the Psycho Bitch.

Thank God the Psycho Bitch left me for the Human Resource Manager.
by gerr June 11, 2006
any decent woman's boyfriend's EX-wife, who can't seem to remember the part that says EX.
no need for an example, we've all known them
by beth August 6, 2004
a girl who is/was a self-mutulator, does/has done coke, likes fucking virgins, yet claims shes a viring herself, has a sexual fantasy for fucking somebody with a gun to the head, and tells you what she would do to you sexually, yet claims shes an angel, you will not get better pussy then this, but have fun beign her ex, or not giving her what she wants, they will go the distance to get what they want
what the fuck are you throwing at my house, you psycho bitch!!??
by mummy216 April 24, 2006
A woman who's hormal imbalance, troublesome upbringing renders her irrational, angry, and prone to acts of violence, like throwing my phone across the room or, throwing hands at the slightest disagreement
Damn my sister just went psycho bitch on me when I tried to take the TV remote and threw hands at me
by Master Ogwi March 21, 2021
A term that men like to throw at women in order to a.)make sane women appear irrational and crazy, or b.)to equate a woman's irrationality and craziness with the fact that she is a woman.
example: "whoever wrote this definition is a fucking psycho bitch who should be shot in the cunt."
by jillian brelsford February 4, 2008
A word invented by men to hide their incapabilities to care for the other half, and to "justify" their ignorance and despicable chauvinism.
Whoever shouts "psycho bitch" has serious issues himself and shall never be allowed to be born to pollute the world in the first place.
by AnonJ November 28, 2013