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To go across state lines with an illegal weapon for the purpose of murdering innocent protesters and then claiming self-defense. Only works if you're white.
A black guy tried to rittenhouse and was killed the moment he started waving a gun around. Conservative media then unanimously cried, "He shouldn't have had an illegal weapon. Blue lives matter!"
by Catty McGee November 25, 2020

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Literally "Jew hate." An outdated German term that was replaced by Antisemitismus in the 19th century, leading to the English word "antisemitism." The point of the word "antisemitism" was to make hatred of Jews seem rational by giving it a Latin-sounding name.
Judenhass has been out of style for over 100 years now, but hatred of Jews continues.
by Catty McGee September 30, 2018

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Short for bodacious.
That is one bode cat.
by Catty McGee September 04, 2017

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A movement advocating a return to traditional power structures under the guise of revolution.
Nazism is understood to be a form of fascism because it disguised a reactionary and anti-democratic ideology as a popular revolution.
by Catty McGee August 09, 2017

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a feline word meaning "give me pettings this instant, human"
by Catty McGee July 21, 2017

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Slang for spironolactone, a medicine given to trans women to decrease testosterone and usually coated with a minty flavor to mask its taste. Parallel to titty skittles, slang for estradiol.
Titty skittles and breast mints are what all trans girls are made of.
by Catty McGee May 21, 2017

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Esperanto for meow.
Esperanto speaker: My cat speaks Esperanto.
Friend: No he doesn't, that's impossible.
Cat: Miaŭ.
Esperanto speaker: See?
by Catty McGee March 10, 2017

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