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What are birds? We just don't know.
by Catty McGee January 2, 2020
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The silence of Zionists on the extreme and violent antisemitism of non-Jews who support Israel.
The Zilence of legacy Jewish institutions on Boris Johnson proves they are unqualified to combat the rising global problem of antisemitism.
by Catty McGee December 13, 2019
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Cynically using a minority group as an instrument to attack one's political rivals. Commonly done by the right, which has zero concern for Jews (as evidenced by their entire politics) but likes to use us as a weapon.
If you thought the instrumentalization of Jews to attack Ilhan Omar was bad, watch as the utterly unscrupulous GOP tries to instrumentalize Jews to attack... Bernie... Sanders?!?!
by Catty McGee December 18, 2019
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Literally "Jew hate." An outdated German term that was replaced by Antisemitismus in the 19th century, leading to the English word "antisemitism." The point of the word "antisemitism" was to make hatred of Jews seem rational by giving it a Latin-sounding name.
Judenhass has been out of style for over 100 years now, but hatred of Jews continues.
by Catty McGee September 30, 2018
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The most powerful minority in the United States. Loves to complain about how relatively powerless minorities are too powerful.
The majority of Americans do not want Republicans to control the White House or Congress.
by Catty McGee September 4, 2017
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In the eyes of the far-right, everyone to the left of them is a member of the left. Anyone in the center is far-left, and any actual left-wing person should be in jail.

In normal discourse among people who aren't far-right ideologues, a left-wing person is someone who supports material action being taken to bring about social justice. Contrasted with a liberal who mouths support for justice while vehemently opposing any material action to bring it about, and with a member of the right who finds the very idea of social justice offensive.
Far-right example: "Jeb Bush is left-wing. Nancy Pelosi is far-left, and Bernie Sanders should be in jail."

Normal discourse equivalent: "Jeb Bush is right-wing. Nancy Pelosi is a centrist, and Bernie Sanders is center-left."
by Catty McGee September 9, 2019
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Something that doesn't always make sense. When two parties work together, assuming neither one of them is trying to deport anyone or register them in a nationwide database or prevent them from being able to go out in public.
King Solomon: I will cut the baby in half.
Democrats: That sounds like a good bipartisan solution.
by Catty McGee March 10, 2017
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