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A movement advocating a return to traditional power structures under the guise of revolution.
Nazism is understood to be a form of fascism because it disguised a reactionary and anti-democratic ideology as a popular revolution.
by Catty McGee August 9, 2017
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1. Historically, a Jew hired by European royalty and nobility to do their dirty work in exchange for social privileges. When the people would become discontent, the Court Jew would be blamed for the problems of the monarchy, and by extension, the Jewish people as a whole would be blamed and thrown to the wolves so that the royalty could live to oppress its subjects another day.

2. In modern terms, a Jew who similarly collaborates with the socioeconomic elite in hopes of gaining special privileges, who is ultimately used as a scapegoat whenever things start going wrong.
Ben Shapiro is a good Court Jew.
by Catty McGee October 24, 2018
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Short for anarcho-primitivist, a strange reactionary species of anarchist who is opposed to civilization and wants the human race to return to the glory days of throwing feces at each other. Other anarchists tend to loathe primmies and wonder what, if anything, they actually have in common with them.
"I'm an anarchist."
"What, you mean one of those people like Ted Kaczynski who thinks we need to go back to hunter-gatherer times?"
"No, that's a primmy. I'm just against all forms of hierarchy."
"Oh. That's confusing,"
by Catty McGee July 11, 2017
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1. To kill a king or queen

2. To hurt Donald Trump's feelings
1. The guillotining of Louis XVI was a regicide.

2. A FOX News host accused the Democrats of regicide.
by Catty McGee October 9, 2019
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Something the Republicans cite whenever they want to discriminate against LGBT people, but forget about when they literally ban Muslims.
The Republicans have lost all right to use the term "religious freedom."
by Catty McGee February 11, 2017
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The most powerful minority in the United States. Loves to complain about how relatively powerless minorities are too powerful.
The majority of Americans do not want Republicans to control the White House or Congress.
by Catty McGee September 4, 2017
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