Rare form of Robot. Has an eerie resemblance to that of a real person. often swooned over by men and women alike. He is often seen recharging his batteries at the mall.
"i caught a glimpse of Ivan-a-tronic!"
by Enrgypulse November 13, 2006
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a total lack of using anything electronic, computer, digital, etc... including services like email, IM, social networking sites, etc...
"your mom is sooooo non-tronic."
by anthony perritano September 7, 2008
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a g00d guy likes goats
i Tronic will love ur goat
by guy2 May 4, 2003
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"What gearbox have you there in your RS4?"
"I have an S-Tronic gearbox."
by JaaagMan February 19, 2012
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An advanced transmission system from Honda. Allows quick and smooth shift from your automatic transmission with the quickness of a manual transmission.

Explanation: Our friend has an automatic civic but he always downshifts using the 2 and L features, and acts like it is a stick car. He does it so much that one day we decided to name his driving technique as Ray-Tronic.
The all new Civic comes fully loaded with the all new Ray-Tronic.
by Hrach Ovakimyan May 16, 2005
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having the qualities of a homosexual sex robot. like a man-whore, only with butt sex
Cole is always grabbing guys butts. He's probalby fag-o-tronic.
by G. T. October 16, 2007
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A completely automated eletro-mechanical apparatus used for swift, sterile and efficient masturbation. The Bolmph-o-tronic-bolmph-o-matic-bolmpherizer-XL-GT-3400; or B.three-fo as it is known on the streets consist primarily of a polished titanium cylinder approximately 34 centimeters (14 inches) in length and 10 cm (4in) wide. Designed to slide over most human penises. At the end of this cylinder is a clear plastic tube like the kind film comes in. The second part of this invention is the chair which looks like a La-Z-Boy recliner with a metal trash can mounted on the side, motorcylce-like helmet that is pulled over your head, and a cup holder for your beer. When activated a number of micro sized hydraulics, servos and actuators that massage the penis in the same way a vagina would. The temperature and humidity inside the cylinder is also regulated. The helmet is pulled down over the user's head and he is immersed in a 3D environment where the brain scan reveals and creates his ultimate sexual fantasy. When the user ejaculates it is captured in a small plastic container that can be cryo stored for later or dumped in to the "trash can" where it is vaporized by a lazer that is powered by a pico matter/antimatter reactor.
This machine was created at Area 51 and believed to have been made from reverse engineered alien technology. It turns out the technology was actually human from the year 9595.

Order yours in the next few minutes and get a free 30 day trial!. Money back gurantee!
by Koopa Troopa August 11, 2004
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