In reference to a large expenditure, such as a car or house, one that is certainly not covered by materiality, this refers to "top of the range".
Por examplé: A car with alloy wheels, computers, television screens, leather seats, nitrous oxide, maybe some groupies etc.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 15, 2004
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A man who has not experienced an ejaculation for an above average period of time. It is generally agreed that someone with a healthy sexual appetite can be adequately described as 'fully loaded' if they have not jerked off or had sex for a period of two weeks.
- "Christ, did you see the size of that guy's balls in the gym showers?"
- "Yer, he's off to Ibiza next week, someone told me he was going fully loaded."
by The Lazer May 23, 2008
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You cum inside a hamburger and give it to a homeless man. You have aids.
I just gave him The “fully loaded” Big Mac special, he didn’t even notice.
by lil dinero October 21, 2018
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Similar to 'Baked Potato', a non-erect penis that is full of sperm (hence the term: fully loaded).
Honey, when you bake the potatoes tonight, can you please make them fully loaded baked potatoes?
by StormerCloudz September 16, 2013
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Vehicular film from the summer of 2005, which starred Lindsay Lohan, Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon, whom played the very manipulating, self obsessed arsehole Trip Murphy to Maggie Peyton, whom was the character played by Lohan, whom eventually got her way at the end with her Volkswagen Beetle, also known as Herbie!
Dude, you seen that movie Herbie: Fully Loaded?
Hell yeah, it was one that I always watched in my childhood!
by Emmy Emmett December 21, 2020
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