a system added to a car which can raise or lower a car on command.
My wheels got hydraulics.
by heime October 9, 2003
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(Addendum to an existing word)
Slang term for the penis -- in limited use, originated on the syndicated "Greaseman" radio show in Washington DC.
She grabbed my manly hydraulics and gave them such a sss-squuuuee-eeze!
by unkie al October 15, 2004
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The act of skipping a meal and drinking instead
Dude, are you coming to get a bite to eat?" "No, I'm going hydraulic and staying at the party!
by Jimmy Lester May 10, 2011
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A euphemistic term used to describe the male genitals or parts thereof. Coined by a DJ known as The Greaseman to avoid being fined by the FCC for offensive language.
Hey babe, slow down... we don't wanna wear out the hydraulics.

Geez, she really gave the old hydraulics a work-out.
by Macdonaldinho November 27, 2006
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An adjective used to describe something extremely cool and exciting. Similar to hydraulic cars in rap music videos that bounce up and down to a supercool, crazy-ass beat.
Yo son, that party last night was so hydraulic man! Fine-ass girls was EVERYWHERE...can't wait till the next one..!
by Willy Esco January 18, 2011
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The type of shit you take after hitting the stall about one second before shitting your pants. You assault the bowl with a steamer that is of normal consistancy however the back pressure is so great that the turd is projected out at such great speed that no residue has time to stick to your cheeks and the use of toilet paper is not necessary. Very similar to the Carpenters Cut.
Man I feel hydraulic shit coming on, you better pull into that gas station before I shit my pants, I am already breaking out in a cold sweat!
by The CLE Steamer May 9, 2009
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