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An automotive transmission that was created to meet the needs of people who were missing an arm or a leg.

In the USA, it has become the most common form of transmission.

An automatic transmission removes the driver's ability to select the right gear for the current driving conditions.

People with automatic transmissions believe that the brakes are the primary control devices when operating a car. Automatic driver step on their brakes when they approach intersections. They step on their brakes when they drive up hills. They step on their brakes when they see another car on a side street. They step on their brakes when they drop their Starbucks or their cell phone. And they step on their brakes all the way down hills. This can be a good thing, because anyone who rides the brakes while driving in the Rockies soon becomes a statistic.

NO masculine man drives an automatic. The automatic is the transmission of the fag, the sissy, the girly boy, the wimp, and the fairy.

Males who drive automatics say they are great in traffic. But everyone who knows how to drive a manual transmission knows how to slow down by lifting the foot from the gas.
Want to see something funny? Watch a long line of cars with automatic transmission driving nose-to-tail. They all take turns putting their brakes on. Soon, none of the drivers is paying attention to the brake lights. Then, when the lead car stops, the other cars all crash into one another. Fun!
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 24, 2007
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