Person who accesses internet forums with the expressed purposes of stirring up trouble or deliberately post contraversial material adverse to the general feeling of the majority of posters, or more often to be just plain fucking annoying and offensive. This is usually a result of an insane egotistical complexity that they cannot resolve in normal life, just plain old fashion attention seeking.
See Craig David on the Chavscum forum, and various other obvious and deliberate trolls.
by Spike T September 17, 2005
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Usually an older, fat homosexual who can no longer attract a trick but wants to watch or interrupt those who are tricking. Often seen in secluded areas where there are public homosexual acts.
Jake had just gone down on his knees to give Tyrone some head, when out of nowhere walks up this fat troll.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
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1) A person who posts provocative messages for his own amusement
2) A person who demands to figure out the mechanism of magnets

For more information please visit www.lemonparty.org
Troll: Hey, say Alpha Kenny Body out loud
Victim: Alpha Kenny Body... HEY!!! WAIT!!!! FUUUUUUUU!!!
by Nat-allica April 17, 2011
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Someone who likes to provoke argument on a forum or bulletin board.
That Grier is such a fucking troll!

Oh no, Grier, what the hell are you doing, are you trolling again? You're so harsh!
by Lewis Harrison Williams May 16, 2008
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The following is the unbiased accurate definition of trolls as defined by internet society.

1. Trolls (n.) – the most important and integral part of networked society. The largest, most effective, devoutly objective, chaotically neutral, uniform and selfless autonomous collective to ever grace existence as an order of peace, stability and power. A collective that does not require self-awareness. The last true charitable organization, where every action is one that does not serve the cause of advancement, personal gain, discrimination or betterment. And… the only defense we have against ourselves.

2. Troll (n.) - one who upsets another without reason or direct personal comments.

3. Troll (n.) - the only effective defense against internet tough guys and the spread of ITGS (SEE: Internet Tough Guy Syndrome)
Tom - "Hey Jim, if it wasn't for these damn trolls maybe we could actually enjoy this online game."

Jim - "Tom buddy, if it weren't for trolls people would never raise awareness of this online game's shortcomings and promote the cause for the betterment of all online gaming. But yeah that guy was an asshole, lets go play something else."
by Bitvar June 10, 2010
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A moronic message board poster who post insults and other ridiculous things just to piss off other users. Their posts never relate to the topic and they're always trying to change the subject(unlike flamers, who insult others while staying on topic). Trolls may sometimes have multiple accounts because they keep getting banned or they want to hide their identity. Even, so they're still pretty annoying.
Seattlefuse: Hello, can anyone help me with this puzzle? It's giving me a really hard time.

Megatroll: Suck my balls.*is banned*

Hatman: Fuck me in the ass.*is banned*

Baywatcher: Hey, are you a...
by King of Inland May 03, 2007
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A person who posts comments, messages, threads that are stupid and provocative so they can cause arguement. These people are to be ignored at all times.

1.A person who responds to trolls are even more pathetic then the troll his/herself.

2.There are alot of trolls in imdb.com and youtube.com
by One Student September 01, 2006
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