A creature that is tall,long tusk crazy hair,blue or green skin and talk in a jamican accent
Dude a troll
by Amani troll1q3 January 7, 2017
One who posts a deliberately provocative message to the comments section of a weblog. Trolls often make outrageous statements not related to the subject being discussed, use fake names (and alternate between their handles in order to cause further confusion). They also known to slander Kyle's mom.
"Dick", "Tech-9" and "Real Ultimate Fascism" were some of the greatest trolls of all time.
by ice grilled cheese January 4, 2005
a member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harrasses others. Someone with nothing to add to the party but rather contributes to the downfall consistantly. A person who continually threadjacks or changes the subject of a conversation, as well as thinks every member of the forum is tlaking about htem adn only them.
jymbone; goes by other personas as well.
by left December 8, 2003
In Scandinavian Folklore, a tall creature with many variations that can include tusks, scales, horns, etc. Solitary and unfriendly. Trolls cannot be killed unless burned in fire.
by DeathBunny January 1, 2005
Posting a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup, mailing list, message board, or other electronic community with the intention of garnering attention, gaining personal notoriety, goading others into angry responses, causing disruption, and/or inciting argument.
"But, Marti, it's so much fun to goad you people on."

"You know, the only reason I continue to post on this topic is because I
cannot express an opinion without being attacked in a vituperative and
hostile manner. It's sort of like poking a stick at a hornet nest."

"Telling me go F* myself will not stop the conversation. It only escalates it."

Examples written by Geoff (repeat troll).
by Trollhater May 26, 2008
A person who has the nerve to go into a chatroom or messageboard and post subliminally provocative and inflammatory posts in order to bolster his or her fledgling egoisms.
by Farenoch July 9, 2004
(Scandinavian folklore) a supernatural creature (either a dwarf or a giant) that is supposed to live in caves or in the mountains
It is said that a troll will turn to stone if caught by sunlight/daylight.
by Troll April 22, 2003