Someone who spams and deliberately tries to annoy other people on a site (usually a message board). They don't hang around for long because people report them immediately. The act of reporting a troll is called 'troll squishing'.
troll: u r all idiots fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!
troll:why should i care you fucking gay loser
*troll is deleted*
person: ah that's better
by SkrewyRebirth March 22, 2006
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An old gay guy who like to go after young guys only and doesn't seem to get that the young guys want nothing to do with him, let alone be in the same state as him.
Joseph tried to pick up a 17-year old and two 21-year olds recently at a gay club. Each one screamed back at him, "FUCK OFF, YOU FUCKING TROLL!!"
by Mary Cohn May 11, 2004
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A good, respectful citizen who posts helpful messages in chat rooms and on forums.
"You've been RICK ROLLED," says the original poster.

"Well, that was uncalled for and rude," responded the troll.
by Stormy97 October 14, 2011
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somebody who posts on an internet forum or chatroom with the sole intention to upset, offend or cause argument. Often aimed towards a chatroom/forum moderator who has banned or timed them out, or other user whom they disagree with.
troll trolling troller trollist spam spammer
by mr know too much July 11, 2011
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Assholes on forums and message boards who are blatantly trying to fuck with people.
blatant post-whoring
blatant spamming
blatantly trying to goad people
blatantly shitting all over people's beliefs over and over and over again and again and again,etc
If you can't tell the difference between somebody's honest heartfelt opinions and beliefs and some fucking blatant troll then you have no business being a mod.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU SAD EXCUSE FOR A MOD YOU!
A troll is someone who should be beaten severely.
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A different variant to the message or thread troll. This troll takes advantage of a characters ability and or game, becoming way too overpowered for his own good and others playing with him/her. With that power comes greed, selfishness and rubbing their good fortune in the other players faces. Pretty much turning into a dick legally inside the game. Not advancing towards the goal.
Every turn this guy would use his characters ability to "spam" or troll the game gaining way too much strength and craft. Making it impossible for another character or creature to defeat him. You cant get mad at the person because he's technically not doing anything wrong but they're just not any fun to play with.
by DEMONinDISGIUSE April 18, 2012
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Someone who is very bored and has a sad life so they decide to make others miserable by trolling them, making them a troll. This includes causing purposely distraction, drama, and shit to go down.

There's trolls on every site including games. Don't take them seriously just laugh it off, they don't do any harm either. (Except if you're easily triggered, or a feminist)
Keemstar is a troll.
via giphy
by Big Daddy Lmao August 05, 2016
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