56 definitions by jojo

Someone who claims they are not gay but constantly obsesses over homosexuality.
If that queerbait would just come out of the closet he might be a little less annoying.
by jojo October 29, 2003
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in mah opinion is ne word foh fooseball..buh i aint sure,,^^
yoo..letz play a game of jitz alright?..
by jojo July 17, 2004
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cali; tha west side of tha US;
im movin to los angeles over on tha westcoast

westcoast is tha best coast
by jojo August 13, 2003
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im andrew hayes and im such a wanksta
by jojo May 16, 2004
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Look at that gint over there pimpin the guys.
by jojo June 3, 2004
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