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If u go there gtfo now asap. ur gonna get filled with peanut butter, homework, and icicles. its colder than a kitties titties up in there.
by 44696944 January 15, 2015
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A school built in 1709 that's made up of a bunch of rich-ass preppy kids. Located in NYC, their tuition is more than what people earn in their lifetimes
Trinity School? Labore et Virtute my ass
by preppyaf May 03, 2016
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A small ass school in Newbury full of teenagers who smoke weed about every week and a bunch of wasted sperm cells called year sevens fucking each other in the ass regularly. Not only are the students dank ass gangstas but the teachers in the school tend to all be rather large cunts. This collectively makes up Trinity School and can be used to accurately describe what kind of hell hole it is.

If your kids are thinking of joining the school I would advise you reconsider as they will go into the school as an innocent child and come out as a spotty chav with a torn jumper and wank stains on his shirt, a few E grades and F's and addicted to heroin and smoking pot. Not only this but they will have been in isolation roughly around 50+ occasions for calling another student a stupid name that I'm sure accurately describes how your child will feel the teachers act around them.
Question: "What's worse than Adolf Hitler?"

Response: "Trinity School..."
by The Great King ;) June 23, 2016
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The neekest wettiest school in the whole of England.

Top students that probably are all posh rich pricks who are spoil and selfish and only care about money.

Probably none of them have a loving family so they they bully other schools cause they think they are better when really they are worst because they are getting bullied for how moist they are.
Don't get caught up in trinity school they all think they are hard 😂🤔
by 👍👍👍😂 March 06, 2017
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A private K-12 school in New York City, founded in 1709.
It is known for its exceptional academics, college admissions, butt loads of work, parents with hella dough and insane parties.
Darren - "Holy Shit, is he from Trinity School?",

Joey - "Damn, I've heard it's really hard, but those kids at Trinity sure know how to party."
by Coby Brown June 26, 2018
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