14-15 year old chavs who think they're cool just cus they're not lower school anymore
Year 10's usually pick on the younger year 7 and 8s
They have to work their asses off for gcses to prepare for Year 11
Year 10: dude year 11's gunna be so fucken 'ard
Year 10.2:'I know man Year 10 is shit already
by CJP0133 July 24, 2017
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A year 10 is somebody who usually picks on year 8 and year 7s because they’re smaller and less chavy.
“Why tf would that year ten want to shave his eyebrows off?”

“For attention and clout fam, don’t you know year 10s usually listen to billie eyelash and have ‘depression’”
by Bigdikboii October 12, 2019
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Think they’re so cool because they’re no longer in the lower half of school so they decide to go out on year 7s because they are fucking losers
*year 7 walking in the hallway doing absolutely nothing*
Year 10: fucking year 7s always in the way

Year 7: then go around me you fucking twat
Year 10:...
by You don’t know me :-) April 15, 2020
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14 - 15 year old secondary schooler in England
becomeing top of the school next to the Year 11's
normally the school uniform changes

These people can ussally make Year 7, years 8 and year 9's to do stuff for them =

starting the mock exam for GCSE's
the school uniform has changed fromn red to blue now were in year 10

year 10 : OI YOU
year 7/8/9 : yes ?
year 10 : get me a busicuit
year 7/8/9 : ok what type ?

in may the GCSE and GCSE mocks start :(
by ABCDEmily September 27, 2007
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Year 10-
15/16 year olds in secondary school with a shit ton of mental health issues, they have to work their asses off to pass in the GCSEs. They most likely already suffer from alcoholism and they make fun of the younger years. This is the time where you'll either make the best memories or be diagnosed with a mental disorder
Damn why is he so depressed

He's a year 10

Fuckin hell why is he such and asshole

He's in year 10
by Effy Crouton May 25, 2021
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Year 10s, born 2004/05 to be exact
Hardest girls, the most slags,goofy boys
They don’t care about anything, skip lessons,drink,and have sex at the back of the fields some end up pregnant, but when it come to exams they ace it due to mark schemes,which they airdrop to each other.They also have the most fights.Almost everyday they has to be at least 3 frights in their year group
Every running towards a crowd**
Y11s-what’s happening?
Y9s- it’s the year 10s again
Y11s- wow that’s the fourth time today
by Casy October 31, 2019
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where any girl who is still a virgin has fantasises about how she's going to lose it. many girls are more respected for being a virgin and other have a body count of 3+ and are fucking each other's mans and ex's.
year 10 ~ did you hear about stacy?

year 10 ~ yeah she fantasises about beating in the shower.
by annaoopskskskksksksks October 9, 2019
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