A porno with Two woman’s tribbing while a man’s and a mother man in the background is rimming the other one
Me and luis were in a trimming porno with a blonde and a big bundaed ebony
by petite blondenësst February 20, 2022
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A three-way rimming session (see Rimjob), usually between men in a triangle formation, bringing intense pleasure to all.
Well seeing as there are three of us, why don't we just go for a trim?
by StrangleWheeeyyy December 15, 2011
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new word for tripping. someone who messes up or makes a mistake.
that teacher is trimming!
by beautiful_92 November 20, 2007
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cool,slang word,somthing awsome,PRO, evenly trim nice, Crump
by uberpwn11234skill September 14, 2011
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When something is very cool or elegant. Also means not fat.
Yeah dude that concert was trimmed, unlike Pablo.
by p digglet November 17, 2016
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To spend an extended period of time alone with a cutie who is quite clearly interested in you, and do absolutely nothing more than talk. (even though she quite obviously is in need of some D)
Oh mate, i proper trimmed last night, went round this cute hoochies house to netflix and chill, and literally just netflixed and chilled man, was so peak.
by jackeryhowson June 24, 2017
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footwear of the rare and collectable range
check my new trims, Nike SB Slam Cities
by simon-says April 14, 2006
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