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When you're high, you go through packs of cigarettes like they're nothing. Triangling is what happens when you inhale too quickly and it only burns the outer section of the cigarette, creating a triangle like cone shape out of the burning tobacco.
"Nigga, stop triangling." "fuck, I need to smoke slower. I'm hella triangling." "You triangling, fiend mother fucker."
by nealcommaryan January 11, 2012
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Triangling, noun
1. Gossip; talking about someone else in a negative light when they are not present.
2. Pitting others against someone to advance your own objective.
3. Devisive.
Tom was triangling the staff and positioning them against each other.

This is a term used when one person talks about a person when the other person is not present.

A graceful way to respond to someone who does this with you is to ask them, “have you talked with ……about this?”

Or to state something positive about the person being talked about and shifting the conversation to another topic. Gracious character can be trusted and when you stand up for others walk in integrity.
by SpeakTruth#1 August 21, 2018
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The act of playing or performing with a triangle in a breathtaking musical score
Guy: Did you see that orchestra last night?
Dude: Hellz yeah, that triangler was triangling the place up!!
by coolmanjack1995 August 04, 2011
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