While having a 3-way, the man lays down on his back, and one girl starts riding him cow-girl, and the other sits on his face and the man eats her out, while the two girls make out with eachother, viewed from the side it looks like a triangle
1: Dude!! me and her and her mom did The Triangle
2:Whats that?
1:Well first the dude.....
by FrankDaTank2009 October 17, 2009
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The Triangle is a womans pubic hair. Shaved in the shape of a triangle. It's mysterious and seductive. Many good single men have become confused and lost in the triangle.
I haven't seen him for months. He has a new girlfriend. I think he's lost in The Triangle...

Sorry I'm late. I was stuck in the triangle.
by Lance Blaisdell May 19, 2005
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Occur when one male is receiving a blowjob from three females. One of the women likes the very tip of the penis, while the other two lick the sides of the head of the penis, or lick up and down the penis. the different pressures from the three tongues result in an extremely pleasurable experience.
Guy 1: Last night, Sydney, Nicole and Katy gave me The Triangle. It was incredible.
Guy 2: No way bro! Teach me your ways...
by TheBlueHat February 17, 2011
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A small triangular patch of grass in Burbage, a large village in the United Kingdom. This area should be a peaceful spot in which citizens of Burbage can relax but this is not the case. The Traingle (More commonly known to its natives as Tri) has become a place in which chavs, rudeboys and drug taking lowlifes have decided to socialise in.
'Safe, safe lets go up tri and suck a bong!'
'Don't walk past The Triangle at this time you'll get stabbed up!'
'Ay up, heres Tri.'
'Fuck off am i going down there, Tri are there!'
'Alrite Homeboy, I'm up Tri, why don't you come up and pop some beans with the boys!'
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A group of 3 close, amazing, perfect friends that forms a triangle which they trap people inside.
Cam: Hey you guys, whatsup?
Holly and Danica: Just trapping people in the triangle!
by hollybear298 March 20, 2012
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A female Threesome. Girl C lays on her back. Girl A sits on girl C's face in the reverse cowgirl position while girl B is also in the reverse cowgirl position straddling girl C. This allows girl A to access girl B's vagene while girl B can access girl A's vagene thus completing "The Triangle".
Camilla: I was on the bottom of the triangle last night, there was so much licking i felt like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk.
by Turn3racing January 19, 2020
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