The best basketball coach that ever lived
Big win used his third string point guard to win the national championship. BOOM!!!
by Big win April 7, 2017
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When you score a victory that defies the odds and comes at the mercy of others.
As i was walking through the bar a guy ridiculed me with some of his buddies. after taking him down i left with his gf in tow--Big Dick Win
by Handsome Rich October 28, 2010
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1) Nothing beats a raw abundance of natural resources; not intelligence, not sophistication; not will-to-win; not experience.

2) Men will always choose base sensuality over other character traits.

3) In improtu beauty contests - as might be conducted at nifht club or bar - only women with larger than average breasts have a serious chance at winning.
Distracted by the conviction that Northerners were awkward city boys the Confederacy forgot that the Umion had more men, more steel and more gunpowder; and that big tits always win.
by jls822! January 9, 2015
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A Peace Corps Volunteer currently serving abroad that faces insurmountable challenges and adversity based on the fact that they are a foreigner working for free beyond the actual liberty of the United States of America.
Felix had a rough day. He is house was broken into, his work counterpart quit, and the electricity went out. He was about in Early Terminate his service when he remembered that he was a "Big Hairy American Winning Machine" and couldn't give up so easily.
by allhandsin July 23, 2009
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