The act(s) of being an aunt, usually in an awesome way.
My nieces and I spent the day dressed as fairies in the park, went swimming with dolphins, and now we’re on our way to paint some pottery before an ice cream dinner. I’m aunting so hard right now.
by Diti Moonbeam November 23, 2018
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Sister of one of your parents. An Aunt is you’re second mother, protective, affectionate, boundlessly supportive. Always there for you no matter how old you get. Even though you may be a successful adult, you’re Aunt will always see you as the baby she held in her arms. Nicknames such as “Nanie” and “Auntie”.
1). My Aunt makes the most delicious pies.
2). I’m going to visit my Aunt.
by Lindee August 22, 2018
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Used in place of the word 'cunt'

Derived from the result of trying to type the word 'cunt' using predictive text on a mobile phone.

The guy is a complete aunt.
by A. Buzzer April 2, 2003
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Sister of your mother/father, sometimes their aunt. An aunt is someone who will always be there for you, even when you aren't. They're not always the nicest person, but they're the most real.
Our aunt is pretty harsh, but we know she means well
by anon-91095 September 15, 2018
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Qiu Wei-li is the mother of my cousin, Yuan Yuan, and my aunt.
by LOL i'm so gay June 30, 2006
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She can be known as you mom’s or dad’s sister. She is amazing at everything! She can give you cousins and even a great adventure! She can be amazing at baking and cooking ! You never want to lose something be like her!
Can we go on an adventure Auntie?
Sure sweetie! What do you wanna do? Fishing Baking? As long as you have fun sweetie!
by 101GIRLLLL101 March 31, 2019
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