A group of dumb sluts. Who think everyone wants there cock/vagina. What they dont know is everyone hates those dumb whores.
Bobby,Brandon, and Jay wanna come over i would say yes but i dont want the Trashy Trio over.
by ThaBiatch June 25, 2010
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extremely intoxicated, the kind of drunk where you stumble around like a fool
I was so trashy-faced last night, I drank so much alcohol.
by rachyyybabyyy February 28, 2005
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A phrase to describe someone who gets aggressively hyped and does nothing with it. It's when they think they can do good with the hype but they do shit.
YO did you see Patrick Beverly get Trashy Beverly Hype after doing that shit crossover. He's so shit
by H_O_Bpro July 2, 2021
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A dirty, sloppy male or female that does sexual favors to every body they litterly know. Also known to split up relationships.
Omg , that bum mickey mcvey has been a trashy dope whore since the first nut he has ever had.
by Queen Karma December 2, 2016
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A whore that works Nebraska Ave. Will do whatever you ask of her for whatever money you have on you.
Last night I went and picked up a Trashy Tampa Tampon. I broke her nose with my dick for 10 bucks.
by Mr-Mac_Daddy September 14, 2008
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When someone has trashy girl radar (TGR), they can "sense" when a trashy girl is near. And they are always right.
Hoob's Trashy Girl Radar (TGR) was going crazy at the bar the other night.
by carballchek November 6, 2010
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Imagine her. The tan she's rocking. The pink lipstick. The sparkly red nails. A woman in the singular, but the gloriousness of her being can only be captured in plural form. She are a sexy trashy ladies.
Dolly Parton may be the quintessential sexy trashy lady, but Julia are the quintessential Sexy trashy Ladies.
by Pangee December 3, 2010
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