a darlin, who like to fart in the presence of authority. a person who will crap on a fish and piss on a monkey...all for a laugh
thats amazing i heard you McVey'd the police officer!
by caldo. April 26, 2011
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Gutarist in the vamps he is hot and PERFECT! ! loves Taylor Swift
A: I want to see the vamps in concert
B: omq me too!! Whose your fave?
A: james mcvey omg hes so..
B: I know what u mean!!! Aaaahhhh!!
by fanqirlinq February 12, 2014
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St. Catherine's School's own performing arts theatre. It has held productions for over 50 years, and has been led by Maury Hancock for quite some time. It has seen many members of Ampersand pass through its grand proscenium arch. Recently it has been host to such plays as Ring Around the Moon, The Childrens Hour, and the acclaimed You Can't Take It With You. Next in its schedule of productions are, Philadelphia Here I Come, and a play being written specifically for St. Catherine's School. The Order of the Tassel meets secretly on nights of productions in the shop yard.
Wanker #1: You know, I just spent 32 straight hours in McVey Theatre.
Techie/Actor:Wow, sounds fun.
Wanker #1:Yep.
by Wanker #1 January 31, 2005
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A great singer soooooooo underrated everybody should listen to her

And in 2017 she had a hit single called finders keepers and in 2018 went on tour with the great harry styles and harry pranked her on the Last day of the tour and on her last song and on Harry's love on tour shes also gonna go on that one


Mabel McVey is a singer and song writter

No hate
by Onedirectionhsltnhzmlp1D April 14, 2022
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Pulling a Mcvey is when you repeat something. This can include repeating an outfit, repeating an action, saying something multiple times, and especially includes giving the same speech multiple times at different locations. Pulling a Mcvey isn't cool and can get pretty annoying. These are the type of people that repeat the same joke to different people so they can get credit multiple times.
Guy1- knock knock who's there?
Group1- hahaha
Guy1- knock knock who's there? (Repeats joke)
Group2- hahaha
Girl that was in both Group1 and Group2- Wait he just told the same joke!!!
Girl2- Wow he's really Pulling a Mcvey!
by Woo000005 May 31, 2013
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Scary. It's the one word that defines everything about a Noah. He likes to touch you and make you feel good but in reality he doesn't have a care for you at all. He is extremely hot and extremely mesmerizing but do not trust a Noah McVey. He doesn't have any respect for girls but that doesn't stop him for having girlfriend after girlfriend. Even though he acts trustworthy, he is the least trustful person ever.
Girl 1: Noah McVey is looking extra cute today.
Girl 2: I can't believe he's with (girl) again
Girl 1: Trust me, you'll fall for him too
by Brookyln Leness October 28, 2017
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