37 definitions by viciousk

electronic penis. when you zap somebody in an argument online, and they cant come up with a fitting comeback, everyone bows to the almighty might of your epenis. accentuates the fact that an online argument is like the special olympics, when you win youre still a retard.
squirly98: coldplay is for fags.
quilted711: come back when your balls drob.
squirly98: your epeen just grew 2 inches.
by viciousk August 5, 2008
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Flem consisting of mucus and snot expelled from the mouth through first snorting back from the nose, clearing throat to conger said mucus, then spitting it out. Also known as a loogy.
Joel spit out a cob and i stepped into it.
by viciousk April 16, 2008
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to have arms folded, especially when cold. pronounced drawed up. drawn up
mus be cold in her, erbody drawed up.
by viciousk February 1, 2008
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to fall (wipe out) painfully on a skateboard or just in general to the amusement of onlookers.

not to be confused with simply slipping and falling.

only when falling is accompanied by severe pain or when it appears to.

past tense: ate shit
i tried to ollie the 9stair but instead god decided i should eat shit, sliding face first, flipping and hitting my head along the way.
by viciousk August 13, 2009
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the cough you get from using e-cigarettes, although they are considered "safe"
pep: *cough* i think im getting sick.
colby: you got the e-cancer!
by viciousk December 20, 2009
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from the movie "waiting" pulling the penis strait up and creating as much triangle shape as possible with the testicles by pulling them strait down, yielding an Eiffel tower-like shape. get someone to look at it by saying "hey, theres a used condom in here, come see" then proceed to kick them in the ass for looking and being a queer.
i can do the best eiffel tower, its amazing. it will change your life.
by viciousk February 1, 2008
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taking a ride around town with the sole intent of becoming intoxicated through smoking marijuana while opperating the vehicle.
lets take a g-ride on this one, the rain makes me doubley high.
by viciousk February 20, 2009
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