This is probably the most basic girl ever.

Basically, she thinks she's different because, "eats pizza and gamess1!!!1!! instead of partying LOL"
She does things almost 50% percent of girls do, and acts like she's so weird.
She also thinks if you have big tits and a big booty, you're automatically dumb.
So basically, she's basic (FUNNY PUN LAURA HAHAHAHAH) and she's stereotypical.
Another point is with their love, where do we begin.
They're kinda like the r/NiceGirls because they always go, "OMGGG WHY DO GUYS ALWAYS PICK SL*TS OVER SMART GIRLS THAT ARE ACTUALLY GOOOD??"
But at the end of the day they're somehow the "good guys" because they don't send nudes? Because apparently if you don't play video games, isolate yourself, judge others for their interest, and you won't believe this..EAT, you're sooooo baddd!1!!1!1
Guy : Hi, I'm ______ I think you're really cute, wanna hang out?
Girl : Wha- You- You can't just say that I need you to like UGH! I don't wanna send you nudes! I'm not like other girls!!
Guy, who has heard this 100 times : Yeah, I just nevermind...
Girl : *posts on Instagram 3 hours later* WHY WON'T A GUY GO OUT WITH ME?
by I_AmBasic September 12, 2019
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Girls with internalized misogyny, who try to steer away from femininity as much as possible because that makes them "girly" or "weak". will put down feminine girls to impress men.
"Omg, I'm like really bad at make-up, hahaha, I'm not-like-other-girls."
by kdramaddict December 9, 2020
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A phrase girls use to call themselves "cool" and "original" without realizing it makes them the opposite.
Girl One: I'm not like other girls, I listen to Billie Eilish!
Girl Two: Well, I'm not like other girls because I play video games! Basic Bitch!
by LavenderLando January 21, 2021
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When you enter enter a restroom with the intent to poop, but for whatever reason cannot push it out.
Guy 1: Dude, weren't you just in the shitter for like ten minutes, it doesn't stink at all.

Guy 2: Yea, nothin happened.

Guy 1: Oh, so you peed like a girl?
by xIlluzionx January 20, 2009
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