One of the best fucking cities in the usa.A great place to party.Also known as home of Mardi Gras and Jazz.If you have anything bad to say about the N.O then fuck off.
Allison-Im going partying in New Orleans tonight nigga!
Kim-fa sho!
by Allison August 29, 2004
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The largest port in the United States and 3rd largest in the world. Home to myself and some 480,000 others. 28% of which are white, 67% are black, and the rest is everything else. Home to some of the the very first housing projects in the U.S.

Highest murder rate in the country almost every other year. The murder rate was as high as 88 per 100,000 pepole in 1994, but is usually closer to 40 (the nation's average is 6-7 per 100,000)
New Orleans Laaaaaaaaaaaaady!!! something something and Esplanade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hassell April 15, 2005
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The coldest and hardest fuckin city in the world. Even Katrina couldn't hold us down ! We still here and we gon rep to the fullest! BITCHES !
Man that city new orleans is a beast !
by Marshika March 22, 2006
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Beautiful, historic, and partying. It does stink in some places and it is dirty, but aren't all major cities that way? Thats the price we pay for all night booze. Best rave scene in the late 90's. Can't beat the atmosphere. There are a lot of dangerous ghettos. You can tell- just avoid them.
by doodoo July 27, 2004
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The best city in uncle sams homeland! Best city for underage drinking to occur! Fuckin-A
The Boot, Jimmys, the Hanger, Rendenn Inn
by sara April 21, 2005
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not all of new orleans went under water, my house didnt. it is not a shit hole like ur hometown!the important parts of new orleans like the french quarter,downtown, the garden district, and uptown survived. it is not 30 feet below sea level. the places i just listed are actually above sea level.
new orleans was built between the lake and river for good reasons! fishing, transportation of goods, and traveling.
people from new orleans do not flash other people, those people are stupid tourists. we dont hate tourists, but if you act like and idiot, we dont really appreciate it. right now we need tourists. the GOOD kind.
dont be mean to new orleans because you are an ignorant person who has a problem.
new orleans will come back, and you will want to visit, and then maybe take back all you said meanies.
get a life losers
new orleans will rise again
by maddieofnola August 8, 2006
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