Hideyoshi is its own gender. Many people confuse it for a male because it has a penis, or a female because it looks feminine, but this is wrong. Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.
I swear, if he was any cuter he'd be a Hideyoshi.
by Hideyoshi. April 25, 2011
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Hide from Tokyo ghoul but turned better into a yoshi
Did you see Hideyoshi on Takyeeeeeeeeeeee gal : ro today?
by Mr. Tailed King May 16, 2018
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A male that looks like a female and everyone assumes it. He also made a gender called "Hideyoshi".
Dumb guy 1 : Hey! Have you heard of a guy called Hideyoshi Kinoshita?
Dumb guy 2 : Guy? i thought she was a girl.
by HideyoshiKinoshita July 1, 2021
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Anyone with this name will consistently fuck someone in the ass.
"Hideyoshi just wouldn't stop"-Alei
by HUEFUENURNE October 11, 2023
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