1. when one feels they have no privacy to pursue the American dream because their American dream is to be exclusively private and void from the presumptions of having a right or privilege to a public opinion.
2. the feeling that everyone but you is controlled by public policy written for ZOMBIES, by ZOMBIES.

3. Being a naturally curious person and waking up in a world with no more secrets to discover.

4. A world in which having public opinions is mandatory, and seeking the truth is outlawed.
You cannot possibly know everything about me and in this transparent nightmare, you are not allowed to ask me questions. No interview for the job. No surveys, and no interrogation. My future plans have become the most intriguing plans on earth but The ZOMBIES do not care as they have lost all curiosity.
by Spiritual-Master January 20, 2022
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A ginger ( see "ginger") characterized by extreme opaque skin as well as hair.
by HSMF's April 2, 2008
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A code name term for an indiviudal who has his head up his ass. The only way to navigate when one has his head up his ass is to have a transparent navel.
Hey Moe! I think our boss has a transparent navel!
by Moe June 10, 2004
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An AirPod Pro feature that allows outside noise in
Simp: I love my new AirPod pros! They cancel out any bad music people are playing around me!
Pimp: Have you heard of Transparency mode?
Simp: What’s that?
Pimp: it’s a feature that gives simps the SUSPECT ability to listen to how real pimps talk!
by Lfotcat June 10, 2020
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When both your mother and father have sex reassignment surgery, yet stay together.
Hey, my mom and dad both just went under the knife to change their sexes. I’m a victim of transparency!
by Randspan October 4, 2018
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the intentional misrepresentation (or uncanny delusion) that you are supposedly being transparent
Transparent hypocrisy - like preaching temperance from a bar stool; C-SPAN (seen all those televised proceedings that were promised during the election campaigns?);

- like claiming to be a patriot while giving aid and comfort to the enemy (raising a question about whether the Supreme court decision might somehow eventually allow an imbalance in citizens rights while granting a non-citizen terrorist the full legal rights of a citizen)
- is like worrying about global warming, but not about your globetrotting airplane habit or mansion-sized electric bill
by op_position February 5, 2010
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A transparently pale, blonde, ghostly looking, slutty female who steals everybody's man but can never find her own. She will probably be the writer of the book 50 shades of pale. Anything she touches gets 5 days of out of school suspension for 'sexual harassment'. There is a Transparent Tricia in every school. She's normally never had sexual relations with a man just to keep up her 'Christian virtue' but she's probably touched more wieners than ketchup. Transparent Tricia's normally never have boyfriends due to their slutty reputation, shitty personality, and 7 year old boy physique.
"Dude, I just got 5 days of OSS"
"Man I told you not to go after her!"
"Sorry, I don't know what it is about those Transparent Tricias', but, damn, they turn my loins to butter"

" Yea... maybe its the figure... straight and flat as a Wyoming highway. Every man's dream"
by sydd_luck April 24, 2015
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