A quality in which a finite space has an infinite number of limina.
Transparency is self-internally clear because the finite space has a countably infinite number of liminal layers.

This renders the surface transparent.
by zanderfin December 18, 2019
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allowing light to pass through it so objects behind can be seen clearly.
Easy to perceive or detect

Having thoughts or motives, easy to perceive
Kara, these other people might not see just how transparent you are. But personally, I see right through you. You are an awful person
by Sir Dong Bong July 28, 2020
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Clarity of thought and equality of understanding
For transparity, and clarification, the original contract included; 5 years of software support with 2 additional years of extended warranties.
by plugandplay December 11, 2020
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to be fake, to be see-through, for one's real side to become apparent
When troubled stars carry around 'self-help' or spiritual books, purposely showing the covers to be shown in tabloid photos in hopes of recovering their ill-fated careers or image-- they are transparent.

"You're so transparent!"

"She's so transparent!"
by Lacey Jones December 7, 2007
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An image without a white background that would show over a colored background of a webpage.
That's not transparent. It totally messes up my webpage's background.
by MS Paint December 27, 2010
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adj. meaning seethrough, clear, able to look through.
Man, did you see that hot chick wit da transparent shirt skirt and THONG?!?!
by anonomous March 5, 2005
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a trangender parent
...ur mom is used to be a man, therefore she is now a transparent.
by CommanderCutie May 4, 2009
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