If ones parents changed their sex; in some case operational.
"Man, this guy overthere got a bad break" - "Why?" - "Last week his parents decided to switch the roles; his dad is now his mum and vice versa!" - "Damn...transparents!!"
by Minticow January 7, 2008
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Clarity of thought and equality of understanding
For transparity, and clarification, the original contract included; 5 years of software support with 2 additional years of extended warranties.
by plugandplay December 11, 2020
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A parental figure, who through either divorce, occupation, or general neglect must travel across many miles in order to interact with offspring, and is rendered nearly invisible in average family life.
Kid 1: Who was that guy with you and your sister last night?

Kid 2: Oh, Chuck? That's my was my dad. Ever since he fucked that waitress, he's been my Transparent.
by Z Incredible Hulk February 19, 2010
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A quality in which a finite space has an infinite number of limina.
Transparency is self-internally clear because the finite space has a countably infinite number of liminal layers.

This renders the surface transparent.
by zanderfin December 18, 2019
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When someone of white heritage participates in extreme white behaviour that they are no longer considered white but are transparent. This is because not all white people participate in extreme white behaviours (such as not seasoning their food) , those who do surpass the level to be considered white and now enter the stage of transparency.
Mum: "you alright babe"

Emma: "Mum i'm pregnant"

Mum: " who knocked you up then you saucy cow"

Emma : "Jim"

Mum : "aint that ya cousin"

Emma : "yeah i love him"

Mum : " aw tell me all about it i'll put the kettle on"

Emma: " yeah thats how it happened "

Mum: " omg i cant wait to tell me brother we are sharing a grandchild"

This is considered extreme white behaviour , those who participate in these activities and similar activities no longer fit the criteria of being a ordinary white individual, they are now transparent.
by i tell the truth believe me April 25, 2018
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the father act like a mother, and mother act like a father .
oh dude !! why your parents look like that ? that is so funny !!
Your mother wearing your father clothes, and your father wearing your mother clothes !!!!!

that dude says : yea man cuz I have a transparents !!
by bashaxp January 18, 2015
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