Having a mother and father who both had sex reassignment surgery and then stayed married to each other.
I’m a victim of transparency. I’m not sure who is my mom and who is my dad.
by Randspan October 5, 2018
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When somebody is quite obviously gay, but won't admit it.
Person A: I'm not gay, i just love wearing dresses and listening to Justin Bieber!

Person B: Stop living a lie, you're in a transparent closet!
by tamoshaolanmean May 15, 2010
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A hollow, largely unfulfilled claim often made in the context of important Political, Business or other social conditions that require exhaustive and accurate detail disclosure for reliable decision making.
So, when did the president LAST test COVID negative, BEFORE testing positive?
Well, He's the most tested man on the planet.
Right, but that response doesn't answer the question.
The president would NEVER knowingly attend any event if he had tested positive.
Of course not. Again, that's not an answer.
This president loves America and would NEVER do ANYTHING to put ANYONE in avoidable jeopardy.
(Full Transparency: He was awaiting confirmation of a positive screening test when he attended SEVERAL large indoor gatherings during which the recommended social distancing and mask wearing guidelines were COMPLETELY IGNORED...and that's why nearly 50 White House staff have tested COVID positive)
by YAWA October 10, 2020
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When a man's sexual arousal, i.e. boner is blindingly apparent to a woman.
Eric is suffering from penile transparency.

Dude Eric totally is pitching a tent about Kimber! He really needs to chill out. She can totally tell.
by Hefty-n-Handy Smurfs March 31, 2010
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A term, very similar to “Snow Possum”, that is used to refer to racist white people

Term was made up by @jaydeeare93 on TikTok
That transparent trollop called the police on the Black people who were just hanging out in the park.
by Jaydeeare93 January 7, 2021
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A useless or pointless avatar, alias, or secret identity
Bill: Hey fuckface, we met together at John's BBQ and Bar yesterday, right?
*UtilityMan stops before he could finish beating Shrimp Scoundrel to death*
Bill: Dude, you need to drop that transparent mask of yours and just admit it. Everyone in Redwood City knows your real name and it's retarded to continue denying simple facts.
by FourThirteenTwentyFive March 30, 2019
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1. when one feels they have no privacy to pursue the American dream because their American dream is to be exclusively private and void from the presumptions of having a right or privilege to a public opinion.
2. the feeling that everyone but you is controlled by public policy written for ZOMBIES, by ZOMBIES.

3. Being a naturally curious person and waking up in a world with no more secrets to discover.

4. A world in which having public opinions is mandatory, and seeking the truth is outlawed.
You cannot possibly know everything about me and in this transparent nightmare, you are not allowed to ask me questions. No interview for the job. No surveys, and no interrogation. My future plans have become the most intriguing plans on earth but The ZOMBIES do not care as they have lost all curiosity.
by Spiritual-Master January 20, 2022
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