Occasionally used as slang for "absurd" or "nonsensical".
"So the rabbit went into the dishwasher."
"What are you saying, man? You're really opaque - get some sleep!"
by Purple Donkey September 4, 2009
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People can't see through you 'Oh ure so opaque get lost'
'Oh ure so opaque get lost'
by Sam Freezer May 13, 2005
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When something is not as good as it could be/should be
Man, that concert last night was kinda Opaque.
by Poiiop#1 February 17, 2022
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1. Hey, Craig is being so opaque!
by Sky the Cat October 31, 2017
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An ugly sad boi you know. Usually watches anime and gets stoned all day. Often travel in packs at music venues.
1st girl: "Hey do you know opaque ghost?"
2nd girl: "You mean that sad boi? I heard there are 5 of them now."
by Mr. Guillermo December 19, 2019
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