A person with a great heart and a beautiful mind. They always know how to make the other smile, and are sure to get the job done by thinking of the best plan. She knows precisely how to make others happy, feel great and is a wish come true, if you have a clarity in your life, keep her. They're the best hopes ever.
Clarity is such a sweetheart!
by Athena30931 July 6, 2017
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Clarity is a sweet and caring person. She will put a smile on your face instantly and will make you laugh. She's the person you want to have in your life 24/7. She always has a smile on her face even if deep down she is struggling with something. Clarity loves unconditionally. She is kind, loving and always wants the best for everyone. If you have Clarity in your life you are blessed. Never let her go cause finding another Clarity is rare. She is one in a billion.
Clarity is a sweet, loving and kind person.
by Tru.dat January 11, 2019
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Song by Zedd.

It's torture
How long will this last
This song is not bringing me Clarity
by PLSstop October 18, 2013
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Newly used slang for marijuana, weed, bud etc.
Hey Chris, sup with some clarity?
by Snax August 29, 2005
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The shittiest metal core band in Massachusetts. Band members consisting of Vibhor Sharma as vocalist, Peter as guitarist, Kevin Landers as bassist and main fatass, JV as second guitarist, and Conor Deer as drums. With cheesy tag line "Girl you DTF?" this band screams immature, literally! The band was formed in 2010. Their first song released on Myspace was titled 'Places Where You Shouldn't Get Poison Ivy'. The band somehow manages to book many shows across New England. Even though defeat and cancellations have been faced because venue owners don't want "goth faggots" playing, AMOC finds a way. If you do see them live, prepare to be let down. Their songs on Myspace are so auto tuned that they sound nothing like represented. Also expect to be insulted and in tears for lack of better music.
Person A: Yo man, want to hit up a concert tonight?
Person B: Hell yeah, dude! Let's see whose playing at the Wonderland Ballroom tonight.
Person C: Guys, NO! I heard A Moment Of Clarity was playing there tonight. Remember what happened when we saw them live last time?
Person A: Fuck no let's go somewhere else, they're terrible.
Person B: Yeah! Let's go to a concert with a GOOD band.
by massachusettsmen January 18, 2011
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When you're playing a game of chess and you see everything. You know what moves your opponent can and almost certainly will make. You know your vulnerabilities and how to protect them. You have multiple separate plans of attack, that are multi-step moves, ready to go based on how your opponent plays. And you can for-see full chain reactions when different moves are played. You are in control and can only be surprised by a significantly better player or someone who doesn't know what they're doing.
Kevin: "Damn dude, you played a sick game. You had everything locked down."
Ryan: "I had full chess clarity. It was almost impossible for me to lose."
by BrysonStrong August 2, 2021
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