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some who is a great friend and you can depend on when you're having your worse time
I'm so sad, I need to talk to tram
by c0o0okie man January 04, 2004
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Slang for the drug tramadol, ultram, and/or ultracet. Non narcotic prescription painkiller that is not a controlled substance. Acts like a narcotic. Last for 8 to 12 hours versus 4.
I bitched at my doctor enough for him to throw me a scrip for trams. Better than motrin I gues...
by holloway11b June 22, 2010
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she's an awesome, amazing, beautiful, kind, asian that's better than you.
woah, look at her! that's a tram right there.
by xuzvy April 10, 2017
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a genius
super clever
diverse talents

a true friend and lover, but too sensitive so easily suffering!
to call tram above average is an insult.

I wish I could be a tram.
by FOLIE February 08, 2010
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A form of sarcasm used to say that someone is an idiot or not smart. The word originated at CPA in Nashville, TN from spelling "Smart" backwards. It is often said in a high-pitched voice to add to the sarcasm.
"I got a 20 on my test" "TRAMS!"

by Matt Guthrie May 19, 2008
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USA: A funicular, a combination between an elevator and a railway.
Europe: A rail-borne bus, known in the USA as a streetcar.
USA: Take the tram up the mountain to get to the top of the hill.
Europe: Take the tram from Main Street to the Town Square.
by udusers1 November 23, 2010
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A Combination of Turkey and Ham, If you have ever had some really bad roast beef like pussy, That is Tram
by Danknugs222 June 01, 2012
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