she's an awesome, amazing, beautiful, kind, asian that's better than you.
woah, look at her! that's a tram right there.
by xuzvy April 10, 2017
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A Combination of Turkey and Ham, If you have ever had some really bad roast beef like pussy, That is Tram
by Danknugs222 June 1, 2012
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short form for Tramadol
some people don't have the ability for their body to process this drug, which can lead to suprise when it kicks in really strongly after an hour for some
John took 150mg of Tram and didnt expect it to hit him , and was suprised when it did
by Emmatic April 24, 2011
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There aint no meaning that i know of ask elroakdio
this rookie kid elrokadio is tram
by Tharealgoat79 January 21, 2022
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Refers to bad acne on a person's face. (such as Former Detroit Tigers manager Alan Trammell)
The chick had a killer rack, but her face had bad tram.
by Mark C. from da D November 1, 2005
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some who is a great friend and you can depend on when you're having your worse time
I'm so sad, I need to talk to tram
by c0o0okie man January 4, 2004
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a genius
super clever
diverse talents

a true friend and lover, but too sensitive so easily suffering!
to call tram above average is an insult.

I wish I could be a tram.
by FOLIE February 8, 2010
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