to not only leave, but also to stop talking as well

coined by Marshana Ritchie on season 12 of The Bachelor, popularized by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show
If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t bring it up. Walk off. Walk off. Walk off. If you can’t deal with it Chelsea, don’t bring it up.
by atds April 23, 2008
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A competition in which fashion models walk the runway or catwalk for the purpose of judging the model, not the clothes or fashions shown.

The origins of this term may lie in the movie "Zoolander," in which the main character, a model, challenges his rival to a walk-off.
"It's a motherfucking walk-off!"
--Daniel Vosovic, celebrity designer of the television show "Project Runway," reacting to a request that the show's models give a demonstration walk to determine which model would be eliminated.
by ScottieGirlC March 24, 2006
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when you have a boner in a bathtub that is above the water level and a fly lands on it. then you take the wings so it just walks around your weiner until you erupt.
ralph says, "hey, gerky, have you ever been walked off?"

(in creepy raspy southerm accent)
by P. Shivers July 3, 2008
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A competition between fashion models. The contestants compete to see who the better fashion model is by walking down either a real or mock fashion runway. The company in attendance acts as judges and determine the winner.
Scene: Fashion model Sasha confronts fashion model Chloe at an exclusive night club in New York City. Sasha heard rumors that Chloe was talking smack during her walk down the runway at the Versace show the night before.

Sasha: Bitch, you ain't got nothin' on me. I'm the hottest thang on the runway.
Chloe: Oh no you didn't...Oh no you didn't! Bitch, whatcha gonna do?
Sasha: I challenge you to a walk-off. Right here, right now.
Chloe: Bring it!
Sasha: Oh in about two minutes it's gonna be brought, and someone's gonna have to bring your broke ass home.
Random people: Clear a path! It's a walk-off!
by improviduto January 26, 2006
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A form of masturbation involving a large housefly and a bath tub. Capture a large house fly; carefully pull one of its wings off. Fill bath tub with water so just the head of your penis sticks out of the water. Place housefly on the part of the penis that is sticking out of the water. The fly will continually walk around and around until orgasm. For the thrill seeker a large bee or hornet will add that “touch of danger”.
That fly is perfect for an old fashion walk off.
by freaky freddie May 17, 2007
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When God was giving out the brains they walked off.
"Paula is so dumb and stuppit I think when god was giving out her brain she walked off and a walk off is what she will always be"
by Kevin1960 August 28, 2006
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A complicated method of masturbation-Lay in a bath tub, with only the head of your penis emerging from the water. Then proceed to pull the wings off of a fly and set him on the head. The fly will walk around with nowhere to go and the tickling sensation will eventually get you off, hence the term "walk off".
I was soaking in the tub last night and decided to do a walk-off.
by perilous Paul January 14, 2006
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